Commercial Automatic Gates


  • Space Saving
  • Automatic
  • Trackless
  • Swift Entry
  • Quiet Operation
  • Robust Design

With the growing demand for commercial spaces in premium locations comes the need to provide secure entry gates that maximise tight entrances and provide quick access. Bi Fold Gates by Talbot offer the best driveway solutions for businesses and commercial offices.

Our automatic gates fold on both sides and swing inwards to provide maximum space for vehicular access, particularly in driveways with limited or restricted spaces, or those with sloping or curving designs.

They automatically fold open or close via a remote control switch, and operate in a seamless, quiet manner. The unique trackless design eliminates the need to constantly keep the driveway clear of potentially obstructive debris.

Our bi fold gates are designed and manufactured in-house in Sydney by Talbot Auto Doors; they are also installed by our own team of expert installers, ensuring the quality of our products throughout the whole process. Compliant with Australian Auto Door Standards, our bi fold gates are extremely reliable and robust for various types of applications, including residential as well as commercial.

We can customise our automatic bi fold gates to suit your entryway security requirements and to complement your business image or property design. Contact Bi Fold Gates by Talbot today for more information on our range of bi fold gates and automatic door products, or call us on 1300 560 608.

Commercial Swing Gate

Commercial swing gates are a necessary feature for every business, bolstering your security and allowing for convenient entry. Bifold Gates offer commercial swing gates in a variety of styles, materials and colours, allowing you to choose the look that best complements your business’s aesthetic. The design expertise of our team also means you can have your swing gate adjusted to your exact requirements, whether that’s to allow large vehicles to enter through the gate or to maximise your available driveway space.

Bifold commercial swing gates are well-known for their space-saving abilities, having two parts that open in the middle unlike traditional swing gates. Aside from taking up less space than traditional swing gates, commercial swing gates also provide a greater level of convenience for your employees and delivery personnel, as entry can be gained without needing to exit the vehicle. Finally, the tough construction of our commercial swing gates also means your property is secured from unauthorised individuals or would-be criminals.

As well as being easy to install, our swing gates can also be retrofitted to your commercial property. We can replace the old gate altogether or update it with new parts, depending on what suits your needs and budget.

Spanning the entire design, manufacturing, supply and installation process, Bifold Gates are proud to offer state-of-the-art commercial swing gates to Sydney businessowners. Contact us today to discuss the entry and security requirements of your business and receive a custom solution from the Talbot team!